Company History

Clearcut Media was established in 1995 specializing in creative marketing and advertising ideas for businesses that need clever and effective promotions for specific markets. Indian gaming was one such market Clearcut Media excelled. By 1996, Clearcut Media had an ever growing relationship with both the Gila River Gaming Enterprise, and the Gila River Community and was now producing industrial videos, radio, and television advertising. From 1997 through 1999, Clearcut Media expanded to the Kansa City area where it helped the Sac & Fox Indian tribe establish itself in a new and competitive market. Clearcut Media wrote and produced radio, television, and newspaper print ads, along with all promotional art. Special events productions included outdoor concerts, Pow Wows, health fairs, and a professionally sanctioned boxing match. Clearcut Media also developed a customized promotional game show which became a valuable marketing tool.

Today, Clearcut Media, continues to work in all aspects of marketing and advertising with other Indian owned casinos, and is often hired by other ad firms as subcontractor to produce various media elements for broadcast and print.

Clearcut Media keeps a large database of freelance photographers, videographers, writers, producers, and editors, but has relied upon two main firms for critical support since 2000. Red Crayon Design has been the main art design group for Clearcut Media, as has Vision Graphic, who supports us with printing, mail, and data management expertise. This network of talent is unsurpassed in the marketplace and represents some of the most sought after labor in our industry.